What Can Be Done?

Perspectus has the knowledge and experience to help you understand how your IT environment delivers its services and how effective it is. We will also help you to build a route-map to improve the contribution that IT makes to your business.

We start by understanding how IT is working for you across a number of critical dimensions:


Business Relationships: at a working level are the relationships, engagement processes and reporting between IT and business fit for purpose?

Governance: are effective Governance arrangements in place to ensure that IT is delivering to the business agenda and that continuous improvement is a reality?

Costs / Cost Management: how do your IT costs compare and where are the key areas for improvement?

Organisation and People: are the IT organisation structure, resourcing and resource levels optimised to deliver against business objectives?

Processes: do management systems and development and service delivery processes stack up against best practice?

Systems and Infrastructure: are core systems and supporting infrastructure fit for purpose and sustainable?

Service Delivery: are the quality of overall IT service delivery and the associated service levels appropriate and in line with the marketplace?

Technology / IT Strategy: is the current and proposed future use of systems and technology business-focused and fit for purpose?

Understanding the starting point, we can together plot a course that will become your Strategy for IT.


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