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Perspectus provides services in four complementary areas.

Delivering Change. Perspectus will help you to define and implement straightforward yet robust approaches to planning and delivering change. This will ensure that change initiatives are aligned with your overall business direction and plans and that they can be effectively tracked and measured.

Troubleshooting. Even the best intentioned change programmes can hit problems. Perspectus is expert at helping clients diagnose and recover change initiatives that have been poorly defined, have stalled or have gone badly wrong.

Outsourcing. We help our clients define their sourcing strategy, select suitable suppliers and construct and negotiate the outsourcing deal. We will help you with the transition of operations to the new environment and continue to work with you and your suppliers to ensure you get the benefits you expected.

Strategy for IT. Perspectus believes that all organisations can drive more value out of their investment in IT if they:


understand it;

make the appropriate change / investment decisions; and

manage IT as a strategic business asset.

Perspectus has the knowledge and experience to help organisations define and deliver their Strategy for IT and improve business return on IT investment.


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